Rent a boat from any major destination

A wooden boat with oars. Skeleton kayak - a classic touring boat with a double-sided paddle. And here and there, your clothes and fishing gear will go easily.

Rent a boat with pleasure

Each passenger will receive a life jacket and learn all about safe behaviour on the water. We will give you a map of the district, you talk about the currents, happily show where to watch the most beautiful sunsets. Many tourists, ranging from a lake or river, always take a boat with them, not to mention scuba divers or boat cruises. For fishermen, this attribute is an integral part of their activity, as it allows you to catch more fish in the middle of the reservoir. Renting boats with or without a motor has its advantages. First of all, it is an easy and quick assembly, which requires no effort and is done in a few minutes. Equally important is its simple transport. Renting a double sail boat from rent a boat barcelona allows us to place the product in the trunk of any car, while renting a boat with a motor in one place allows you to place it in an ordinary backpack, where you can also carry the motor.

Be well informed

First, you must contact us and ask about the products in stock. Contacts are located on the site. In addition, it is necessary to enter into a formal lease agreement with us. At the time indicated above, you come to us - and the inflatable boat for rent will be yours. Renting an inflatable boat offers the use of a durable and reliable PVC product, capable of supporting any load and easily repaired on site in the event of breakage. Renting a PVC boat with a crossbar will free up space, because for such boats you need an outboard motor.

In addition, such a rental boat has a slight draught, which allows you to sail in shallow water.


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