Boat rentals at the right price

Whether you're searching for a lake morning or attempting to get out when the fish bit, SamBoat has the correct lease ship for you at the correct cost. Defining a fair price for renting your boat is not an easy thing. If it is too expensive, potential renters will not choose it and if it is at a low price, homeowners will not be able to properly depreciate their fees.

Who sets the price of boats for rental?

It is the owner who decides what he will practice as tariffs for the rental of his boat between individuals.

For this it obviously takes into account these charges (shipping costs, maintenance, insurance ...) so as not to offer a price too low and relies on the other side on various elements mainly related to the market of the boat rental:

- Does the property correspond to a commonly requested product?

- Does its minimum rental value have an interest in view of the associated expenses?

- How much does a similar boat (size, equipment, number of cabins ...) rent in the absolute and in the region?

- With what good is it in competition locally (traditional hiring, other boats to the leasing between individuals ...)? Beware of boats of the same size with a larger number of cabins!

- Does the property have assets (over-equipment, scarcity, services included) or weaknesses (obsolescence, malfunction of equipment, accessibility ) that requires adjusting upward or downward this tariff?

Who pays the commission on rentals?

In fact the commission is a retrocession related to a contribution of business: Ocean Serenity allows the owners to do more rentals but on these additional rentals they earn a little less money.

For other owners, the commission corresponds rather to the payment of the proposed service (use of functionalities, standard documents, management of payments, proposed guarantees ...).

In fact, each owner may well consider the commission as he wishes but if he does not take into account the commission by creating his rates, he may not find many tenants since his boat will be at rates higher than the market!


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